Fire & Ice - The History of Earth

The earth is our home – our only home for the foreseeable future. It’s where we get our soil, freshwater, metals, and minerals. It’s where we get the energy to fuel our way of life. To be able to find these resources and utilize them sustainably we have to understand our planet – starting with the past.

This exhibition is in English.

By studying rocks and fossils we add valuable chapters to the history of life on earth. We can also learn how and why the Earth's climate has changed over time which is crucial in understanding human-caused climate change. One will discover that this habitable planet that we call home has gone through both fire and ice.

When we recognize how human activities have changed the environment we might be able to avoid severe changes in the future. Lastly, we can use our knowledge of the history of Earth to better understand other planets in our solar system and more recently beyond it.

This Exhibit Will Explain

  • The geological timeline of Earth
  • How the Earth and the moon were formed and evolved
  • How the oceans and continents were created and evolved
  • How our atmosphere was created
  • How volcanoes work
  • How the global climate has changed over time and the impact on the planet

Sneakpeaks from the Exhibition

The Earth Today

Proterozoic Eon

The Giant-Impact Hypothesis